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Shadow Candidates Mayor for Denver

Michael Hancock Jamie Giellis Penfield Tate Lisa Calderon

What is a "Shadow Candidates" - Why are The above mentioned Candidates - Categorized as Shadow Candidates - Categorized by Marcus Giavanni | Mayor City and County of Denver

Published Apr 30, 2019 5:39 PM by Marcus Giavanni | "Shadow Candidates" | GP7A News | Candidate News |  Shadow News |  #MichaelHancock 

#JamieGiellis | #PenfieldTate | #LisaCalderon | About | Credibility Relevance Wisdom

1. A Shadow Candidate is a candidate that has visited other candidates websites, and have thoroughly examined, said content, and has added to the shadow candidates conversations. And to all controlled Domains, and other social media with the main "Mata Tag Identifiers" Live Identifiers #hashtag/#hashtags identifiers to a candidate's Campaign Website. 

Since "Marcus Giavanni is the #1 Blockchain Conversation Developer/Builder/Authority". In building node conversations, locations, and with whom. Based on advanced and pre predicted conversations, locations, and with whom. ....

Since 2011, was my first my journey into running for Office. And being I was a registered Independent. I knew there were no campaign manager, political advice, public relations firms, manager, advertising or marketing pro's to run for office. When you have no money. My story is one you would not believe. But this story is not about me. But the Monopoly Governemnt tanking Denver straight to the poor house.

My Voters said " Hey Giavanni since nobody is paying attention to the other 300,000 voters. You should come up with a platform that will allow to communicate directly to the citizens of Denver. Here are some Identifiers that will lead to and your family to a safe, protect Denver. WE ARE ALL BEING LIED TO! THis website best viewed on Desktop or Tablet

City and County of Denver News - Google Crystal Ball

Top Trending Meta Tags for May 2019

Most Powerful City and county of Denver In the World.  Who is #jamiefordenver; and why did #tatefordenver as an attorney; dupe Marcus Giavanni, after Penfield Tate spoek to Marcus Giavanni in June 2018.  Why did Lisa Calderon only represent her establishment, and not look past, her prejudices???  See #lisa4denver.


Last but not least, in fact the number one leadership Algorithm in Denver is "Michael Hancock", who has been categorized as a Peak Level Leadership Mayor.   Did you know that We can determine future actions, conversations, and locations about Anyone, any locations, any actions, and with wHom. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's conversations, actions, locations, and with whom; can be seen at #mayorhancock. And as 2nd term Mayor of Denver Seek a 3rd term or 20 year of Power. This Candidate meta tag of all conversations, actions, locations, and with whom; can be found @ #hancockfordenver

Have you heard about Google Crystal Ball by Marcus Giavanni? How did you know about SCSSAR 2020

ESIGN Digital Petition Debra Johnson and Drake Rambke #crdenver
City and County of Denver News Michael Hancock "We Were Robbed"
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