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Jamie Giellis Shadow Candidate

Since Jamie Giellis first entered the 2019 Denver Mayoral Election. Jamie has been manipulating, and saying things she can't build. Why??? Because Giellis has been trolling other candidates like Marcus Giavanni's websites throughout Jamie's announcement to join the Denver Mayoral Elections by Marcus Giavanni.  Did you know that Jamie for Denver by Marcus Giavanni. When you understand how to use advanced algorithms. You can get to the bottom of #jamiefordenver a fraudulent shadow candidate.

Published Apr 28, 2019 5:29 PM by Marcus Giavanni | "Shadow Candidate" | GP7A News | About | Shadow "Candidate "Jamie Giellis" | Credibility Relevance Wisdom | No #jamiegiellis | Yes @mgiavanni and #mgiavanni | "All Together Now" | Innovation Love and Peace | SCSSAR 2020

"Did you Know "Madison Lauterbach Author with My Met Media" wrote that Marcus Giavanni gave Unsubstantiated Claims"." About Denver Clerk and Recorder "Debra Johnson and Drake Rambke" Election Division | @crdenver | #crdenver | Shadow Candidates Mayor for Denver


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Most Powerful City and County of Denver in the World:


All Candidates must have Credibility Relevance Wisdom:


Denver is 8 years behind the Digital 8 Ball


The year 2020 makes 10 with any candidates associated with Party affiliated Denver's Government. - MANG

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