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eSign Digital Petition | Debra Johnson and Drake Rambke | #CRDenver | Corruption vs Integrity

eSign Digital Petition

Published Apr 18, 2019 4:18 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | ESIGN Digital Petition | Denver Voter's Right to Petition | Debra Johnson and Drake Rambke | @crdenver | #crdenver | @denverelections | 2019 | #denverelections | 300,000 Disenfranchised Voters | Federal Government Intervention | Get Out and Vote Easy Way To Restore Power to Denver Citizens | Future City and County of Denver | SCSSAR 2020

Marcus Giavanni - Marcus Giavanni  In 2011, Marcus Giavanni was kept off the ballot. And had to sue Stephanie O'Malley to be placed on the "2011 Denver Mayoral Election" Ballot. The Attorney for Marcus Giavanni withdrew the case. For there was not enough time. For even if Marcus Giavanni had won. The ballots would have already been printed. And Marcus Giavanni's Name would have missed the printing deadline. In 2015, Marcus Giavanni, ran for the "2015 Denver Mayoral Election", and this time Marcus used the Paper Petitions and handed in over 900 signatures to meet the 300 voters needed to have Marcus Giavanni's name on the ballot. Marcus Giavanni was the 2nd Place Winner against Michael Hancock, Mayor of Denver.  The Monopoly Government along with verified operatives League of Women Voters Denver; a categorized "Mouthpiece of the Democratic Party". Along with other who are listed in the Clouds. Decide together not to hold a "Denver Mayoral Debate" first time in Denver History. 

Now comes the 2019 Denver Mayoral Election and the decision to use the eSign Digital Petition Platform. What is ESIGN? Esign Digital Petition Voter Verification System. Deciding Paper or eSign Digital Petition/Debra/Drake Rambke Office of Clerk and Recorder- @CRDenver Clerk and Recorder Elections Division. #crdenver.

ESIGN Digital Petition Debra Johnson and
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